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Concrete retaining wall repair

Update: March 20. Good Grief, is Spring ever going to arrive! One of the few good things with the amount of snow hanging around all winter is that there was very little frost in the ground. This allowed for easier excavation services and we took advantage.  Currently we are doing a substantial addition and changing the siding, windows, and doors on a split entry in Colchester County, Shubenacadie. To follow the project see House Addition Shubenacadie.

We also just finished up an extensive renovation involving framing, siding, fascia and soffit. This work shall extend the life the house many more decades.

We are also starting a garage shortly in the Enfield/Elmsdale area as well as a commercial build-out project (updates to follow).

Currently the home building side of construction is slow, slow, slow. Not too many new homes being built, but we have a couple on the books and hope to start in a couple of months.

If you’re looking for home improvement or renovation in Nova Scotia, what better resource could you find than someone who started building homes in this area more then 40 years ago? You not only receive the benefits of all the knowledge and skill concerning every structural aspect of your home, you gain extra assurance that a company started in 1973 knows how to satisfy their customers.

Satisfaction alone is not enough. It’s those extras you don’t expect that make the difference. It’s the details you wouldn’t think of on your own that bring more enjoyment to your finished project. Better yet, once you have a price quote, that’s it… no surprises. The only way your price will go up is if you decide you want to upgrade.

When you look at the list of construction services that we provide, it’s pretty diverse. That’s a natural result of the experience of our carpenters — entire homes. It just makes sense that we can provide full service renovation. Our carpenters’ experience with so many homes over several decades is a significant advantage on your project.

And yes, we still build homes. We’ll make your dream home a reality whether it’s built from the ground up or renovated to transform the one you have now.

Construction services include:

Contact us for your home improvement project and you’ll experience another advantage. Since this company was established when customer service still meant something, you’ll be glad that it still does with us. Even if you do get voice mail when you call, most calls and emails are returned within 90 seconds!

You’ll be getting the best blend of modern building and renovation with old fashioned service levels from three generations of family builders.